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USE YOUR CAC ON A CHROME Operating System computer

Chrome OS logo


Utilizing your CAC with Chrome OS "may" work if you follow these instructions

You should be able to access most CAC enabled websites.  However, I am unable to find Adobe Reader to be able to digitally sign PDF forms

NOTE:  This was last tested / validated on 27 October 2021 with Chrome OS version 94.0.4606.104 using an SCR-3310 v2.0 CAC & SCR-331 reader with the G+D FIPS 201 SCE 3.2 CAC utilizing the CSSI Smart Card Connector (available below)

If you'd like to let me know of your success, fill out this form.

Step 1: Download these 5 DoD certificate files to your computer




RootCert4.p7b and




Step 2: Install the certificates in Chrome, select the 3 dots (top right of web browser), select Settings

Options, Settings



Step 3: Scroll down to Privacy and security, then select Security

NOTE: you may need to click Privacy and security on the left side of screen

PrivacyAndSecurity image




Step 4: Scroll down and click on Manage certificates under Advanced

ChromeOS Advanced 



 Step 5: Click the AUTHORITIES (tab)

Manage Certificates




 Step 6: Click IMPORT




Step 7: Navigate to the folder you downloaded the above files to, then change the drop down to:  All files (found in lower left corner of page)

All Files



 Step 8: Select RootCert5.p7b, then click OPEN

NOTE:  Install the files in this order: 





and finally AllCerts.p7b

by selecting each and clicking OPEN

Selecting RootCert4 



Step 9: Check all three boxes under Trust settings, click OK

3 boxes



Step 10: Install the other files you downloaded by going back to IMPORT




Step 11: Repeat steps 7, 8, & 9 for each of the downloads

Reminder to OPEN in this order:




and finally AllCerts.p7b by selecting each and clicking OPEN

Rest of the files



Step 12: To verify all certificates installed...  Stay in the AUTHORITIES (tab), scroll down to org-U.S. Government, the certificates listed below should be there:

DOD EMAIL CA-49 through DOD EMAIL CA-52,


DOD EMAIL CA-62 through DOD EMAIL CA-65 

DOD ID CA-49 through DOD ID CA-52,


DOD ID CA-62 through DOD ID CA-65

DOD ID SW CA-45 through DOD ID SW CA-48,

DoD Root CA 2 through DoD Root CA 5,

DOD SW CA-53 through DOD SW CA-58,

DOD SW CA-60 through DOD SW CA-61, and

DOD SW CA-66 through DOD SW 69

Did certs install?


Step 13: All of the DoD certificates are now installed, the next step is to install CSSI Smart Card Middleware.  CSSI requires two separate apps be installed.

NOTE:  CSSI Smart Card Middleware has worked more consistently (in my tests)


Download CSSI Smart Card Middleware from the Google webstore:


Download Smart Card Connector from the Google webstore:


Select + ADD TO CHROME on each app 



Click the Add app (button)

Add App

When going to CAC enabled sites, it is a little slow

I used an SCR-3310 v2.0 CAC reader

You may have to Allow the app


Alternate Step 13: NOTE: CACKey is another program you can use.  DO NOT install both CSSI and CACKey. 

NOTE:  I have found CSSI to work more consistently than CACKey.

CACKey is available by going to this webstore link:

Select the + ADD TO CHROME (button)


Click the Add app (button)

Add App



When you want to use it, select LAUNCH APP


NOTE: If you are unable to access your DoD websites...

  I have been informed by some personnel that they had to use Incognito mode to access some DoD websites.  If you want to try this:

Option 1:  Click <shift> <ctrl> <n>

Option 2: "Double finger tap" on the Chrome browser icon in the taskbar



Many Navy, Marine, and Air Force Mac users are having issues accessing their email via OWA and a few other CAC specific websites once getting a new CAC (or when migrated to O365).  I have not found a fix for Chrome OS users.



Windows Users go here

Mac Users go here

Linux Users go here


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