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Some information about LPS and its benefits


Featured on ZDNet on 26 SEP 2011


Watch this video to see what LPS can help you with (once you have it installed following instructions below)

ActivClient (from ActivIdentity) allows your CAC-reader to communicate with Windows for strong authentication using smart cards and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  If you find ActivClient freely available on the Internet, It’s probably malware.  ActivClient middleware is only available from within protected .mil sites thus creating a Catch-22; you need ActivClient installed to obtain ActivClient.  Until now!  By using the free Lightweight Portable Security – Public Edition (LPS-Public) CD (or via USB), you can “CAC-in,” download the file(s) to a USB thumb drive, then go back into Windows, and install ActivClient.  Here’s how….

The following is abbreviated from the DoD Software Protection Initiative’s LPS Quick Start Guide and LPS User Manual on and guidance from this site's ActivClient page and AKO’s CAC Reference Center.  If you encounter problems, please consult these documents and sites first.

1.  Create a bootable LPS-Public CD.  

     a)      Download and save the LPS-Public ISO image from 

     b)      Burn the .ISO file to a blank CD following these instructions:

     c)       If the computer does not have a CD drive, LPS-Public contains a Windows script to make LPS-Public boot from a USB thumb drive.  You’ll need to mount the .iso (make it appear to be a CD to the computer) in order to run the script.  New imageWatch YouTube video on setting up LPS to use USB flash drive

Image of LPS screens2.  Prepare your computer.  Insert the LPS-Public CD, connect a network cable to your computer’s home network (if using Wi-Fi, wait until step 4), connect a USB CCID-compliant smartcard reader (examples: SCR-331, 3310, & 3500), and insert your CAC into the reader.  Have a USB thumb drive ready.

3.  Restart your computer with the LPS CD in the drive.  If LPS-Public doesn’t boot automatically, configure your computer to boot from CD.  On a PC, change the boot priority to CD before the hard drive in the Boot Order menu or BIOS (image on left).  On an [Intel processor based] Mac, hold down the “c” key immediately after hitting the power button.

4.  If using Wi-Fi:  Configure the Network Manager (screen’s lower right 2 PC icon)

5.  If you have an SCR-331 CAC Reader, this is an excellent opportunity to update the firmware on the reader, read instructions at paragraph 5.6 on PDF page 36 (document page 34)

6.  Insert your USB thumb drive to save your ActivClient onto.  A shortcut should appear on the desktop.

7.  Launch Firefox, Click DoD, Common Access Card (CAC) Information. CAC login to your military branch (links below), and download ActivClient.  (If it fails, reloading the page often helps.)  Save the file to your thumb drive. 

Direct Download links to obtain ActivClient are listed below:

Army (32-bit - -

Army (64-bit - -

Air Force -

Coast Guard -  NOTE:  Requires CAC login from your work computer

 Marine Corps -

Navy - Assurance/ActivClient 6.2/

ActivClient updates from (needed for newer CACs like the Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual) can be downloaded from links on:

NOTE:  In Firefox, Master Password equates to your CAC PIN

8.  Download the latest DoD certificates

9.  Optional, download Lotus Forms and ApproveIt

Army users   |

Air Force users download your version of Lotus forms:

Download ""  under Software link

10.  To quit, remove the CD and restart computer to return to your normal, unchanged Operating System.  Keep the LPS-Public CD for travel, when using other computers, and in the event your hard drive crashes.

11.  Install in Windows.  Instructions for installing DoD certificates, ActivClient, Lotus Forms, and eSign on your Windows computer.  Single page:
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