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NEWS:  EES now works on Apple computers. However, digitally signing XFDL forms still requires IBM Forms Viewer and eSign 6.6.  Signable PDFs also require eSign 6.6 (both programs only exist for Windows computers)  You can virtualize Windows or contact HRC for support and ask them when they will support Apple users.


U.S. Army Human Resource Command's Evaluation Entry System (EES)


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EES (Evaluation Entry System) is the current forms system for Army Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) and now NonCommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs).  It replaced FCMP (Forms Content Manager Program) aka Forms, formerly known as MyForms

OER Training PowerPoint / PDF


Video instructing how to use EES

Pre usage Steps
PreAccess 1:   Have a CAC Reader
PreAccess 2:   DoD Certificates | Video
PreAccess 3 (Windows 7 and below): Install ActivClient 6.2.0.x | Video
PreAccess 3a: Update ActivClient 6.2.0.x
PreAccess 3 (Windows 8 and above): Use built in, or install ActivClient 7.0.2.x
PreAccess 3b: Update ActivClient 7.0.2.x 
PreAccess 4:   Internet Explorer Adjustments
PreAccess 5:   IBM Forms Viewer 4 required, older versions will not work
PreAccess 6:   eSign 6.6 required, older versions will not work

20140806 Common EES Solutions

MilitaryCAC FAQs:
Problem 1.  I cannot sign forms in EES, but can sign other forms utilizing Lotus Forms and eSign on the same computer, or you see the following error message:  "Unable to complete requested task; an internal error has occurred.  Please note the exact error printed below and contact Silanis Technical Support."
ApproveIt XHTML - Error

Solution 1-1.  Uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode' in Internet Explorer   NOTE:  You may not be able to do this on a government furnished computer

Here's How: Open Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, Security (tab), Uncheck the Enable Protected Mode (Requires restarting Internet Explorer) box.  Visual  (alternate visual)

Solution 1-2.
  This can also mean there are no certificates in the certificate store
(perhaps it is not seeing your CAC), or the certificates that it does see are not designated as signing certificates.

Here's how
to check that a certificate is a signing certificate:
-Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet options > Content tab >
Certificates button
-Select a certificate, click the View button, go to Details tab, click
on the Field named "Key Usage"
-This list (of valid uses for the certificate) should include an entry
"Digital Signature"

Solution 1-3:  Add and to your Internet Explorer Trusted Sites.

Here's how:  Open Internet Explorer, Click Tools, Internet Options, Security (tab), Trusted Sites (green check mark), Sites (button).  Type: and and click Add. 


Problem 2.  I'm unable to sign forms with my computer, I'm currently using Internet Explorer 11 or 10.

  HRC's developers wrote the site to work with Internet Explorer 9.  So, you'll need to find an older computer and set up your CAC use on it.Solution 2: 
I have personally seen it work on IE 11 following the instructions in Solution 1-1 above and Problem 6 below

Problem 3.
 Will the Army ever acknowledge Mac users to work / sign forms?

  I don't think so.  Contact APD and ask them this question

Problem 4. 
I can't login to EES via the direct link of .

Solution 4. 
Login to your AKO account via CAC , then open a 2nd tab and go to  It should log you right in

Problem 5. 
I don't understand what they are asking for in the new Support Form?Information:  See this PDF with some ideas.


Problem 6:  You see this EES Disk image instead of the expected Click to Approve  image when you are trying to sign an OER

Solution 6-1: 
Uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode' in Internet Explorer (See Solution 1-1 above for instructions)

Solution 6-2:
 Your computer needs Lotus Forms 4.0 and eSign 6.6 installed.  Older versions will have to be uninstalled, computer restarted, then current versions installed. 

Solution 6-3: 
You need to click the yellow banner at the bottom of the page to allow Lotus and eSign to work with Internet Explorer
Support form below is for you to contact HRC if the ideas above did not work for your computer

If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry

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