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I DO NOT charge for assistance, however, I have set up the option for you to donate.


This website is personally funded and maintained by Michael J. Danberry and receives NO funds from any Government or DoD entity.


  I receive some income from Google when people watch the self help videos and if someone makes a purchase via the Amazon links on the CAC reader pages.


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The money is used for the following expenses:


1.   $3000 / year for Dedicated server for hosting the website (shared server could not handle the web traffic)

2.   $  874 for TeamViewer remote access software (something none of the official help desks can do)

3.   $  275 / year for 2 Exchange accounts (Check email from multiple computers and mobile phones for support)

4.   $  250 / year for Domain names & registration fees

5.   $  108 / 3 years for SSL certificate (Site can be accessed via https://, helps people using VSAT)

6.   $    35 / 7years for Domain certification (Verifies that is registered by Michael Danberry)

7.   $  150 / year for Pens to hand out (includes: web address and phone number for assistance) see below

8.   $    99 / year for Mac developer (test new versions of Mac OS X before being sold to public)

9.   $    varies / year Purchase new CAC readers to test.



None of the items above account for my time that I devote to the site.  Usually between 1-10 hours per day (depending on email, calls, and website updates)


Thank you in advance for your donation

Please note this donation is not tax deductible at this time

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If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry

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