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Installation Steps

Step 1: Obtain a CAC Reader
Step 2: CAC Reader driver | Video
Step 3: DoD Certificates | Video
Step 4: ActivClient | Video
Step 4a: Update ActivClient
Step 5:  IE adjustments | Video
Log into the Air Force Portal with your CAC now to test
Proceed ONLY if you need the ability to complete forms
Step 6: Lotus Forms
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Air Force Portal Access Problems?


The Air Force download sites below require you to login with your CAC



 Windows 8 users click here for information on how to use your CAC on your computer.

DO NOT follow instructions below


NOTE:  According to the Air Force portal, they have a notice stating:  "The Air Force PKI System Program Office (SPO) does not plan to release a home use version of the CAC middleware compatible with Windows 8.  Instead users will have to use the native smart card reading capability in Windows 8 (also available in Windows 7)."


They also recommend Lightweight Portable Security (LPS)


1.  Download ActivClient 6.2 software for XP, Vista, & Windows 7 from the Air Force portal  


NOTE:  The Air Force's ActivClient 6.2 is NOT an upgrade from 6.1.  You'll need to uninstall 6.1, restart your computer, then install 6.2.  You will also have to go to:  Start, Run (or Start Search), type in: Services.msc and make sure all ActivClient services are set to automatically on.


2. ActivClient 6.2 (64 bit) can also be download from Lackland AFB  (You have to be on the .mil network for this link to work)


3.  You can use LPS to download ActivClient
4.  Your only other option is to purchase ActivClient.  See vendors who sell this software here.



If you have an Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual CAC and after installing ActivClient 6.20.50, it still doesn't work, update ActivClient.




WINDOWS 7, 8, & 8.1 USERS: 

If your CAC a "GEMALTO TOP DL GX4 144," "GEMALTO DLGX4-A 144," "Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual", or "G&D FIPS 201 SCE 3.2" you "may" be able to use your CAC without needing to install ActivClient. 

Another guide to help figure out which CAC you have

Read more about the older CACs and how to replace them

Gemalto Top GL 144 CAC image GemaltoDLGX4-A 144 imageOberthur 5.5 CAC image G&D FIPS 201 SCE 3.2


If you are unsure whether you have a 32 or 64 bit version, here is how to find out:


Windows 7, & Vista, Right click Computer, select Properties.  Under System, System type you will see 32 or 64-bit. 
XP, Right click My Computer, select Properties.  If it doesn't say 64 bit, you have a 32 bit Operating System.



Here are more options for you (if the above didn't work)






NOTE:  In order to access some of the Air Force CAC-enabled websites, you must CANCEL when it first asks for your PIN.  After canceling, then choose your certificate, it will give you a second opportunity to enter your PIN.  NOW enter your PIN.



Air Force users, download Lotus forms from:

Download "AFDPO Releases Updated IBM Lotus Viewer_DSign_3.5.1.333.exe"  under Software link





Not able to digitally sign / encrypt / decrypt emails using OWA?



Problem 1:  Receiving "Your CA was not recognized.  You should contact your CSA/LAN support team for assistance with DoD certs on this computer.  You can install the latest DoD certs from..." error message when attempting to access the AF Portal


Information:  The Cross Cert remover tool removes certificates which cause the cross-certificate chaining issue from Microsoft Local Computer and User Certificate stores. This will prevent your certificate from appearing to be issued by roots other than DoD Root CA 2 and being denied access to DoD websites.  Some computers may have the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority's DoD Root CA 2 certificate installed.  This conflicts with the DoD's DoD Root CA 2.  You must remove the DoD Root CA 2 signed by the DoD Intermediate Root CA 1 in order to use the AF Portal with your CAC. 


Cure 1-1:  Follow the guidance in this PDF, slide 15 has download links for the Cross Cert remover tool.


Cure 1-2:  If [after following guidance above] you're still having problems, go from this direct link:




Problem 2:  Air Force users receiving  "There was a problem with this browser accessing your CAC for authentication. You may have pressed "cancel" button in your browser's certificate selection prompt.  If you are trying to authenticate with your CAC, please clear your SSL sessions.  In IE go to the Tools-Internet options.  Select the content tab and press the "Clear SSL State button."  If this does not work or you are unable to complete this close all open browser windows and try again.


Cure 2-1:  Verify your clock settings on your computer.  One person's battery had died, and his clock was set for November 2011, when it was actually August 2012. 




Problem 3:  Air Force users seeing strange error message when using Outlook Web Access 2003 with Internet Explorer 10 or 11


Cure 3-1:  See here for solution.




Problem 3:  Air Force users with OS X 10.9 Mavericks having problems accessing or follow same guidance as DTS users via the DTS page.


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