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Select the branch of the military you are affiliated with to find specific download locations and installation instructions.

If you are not part of a particular branch of the military, look at these other options for you


Windows 8 users click here for information on how to use your CAC on your computer.

DO NOT follow links below to ActivClient 6.2.0.x below



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National Guard), & DA Civilian  
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Air National Guard)
Navy (including Reserve)
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Other Options:

Alternate links that won't require you to be logged in with a CAC to download

If you are not associated with the above Government agencies, and you still need / want ActivClient, these businesses can sell you the software:

NOTICE:  The links to vendors / products is an attempt to save you time searching for the specific item by linking you directly to the item shown.  You will notice I have multiple [when I can find] vendors to choose from.  I have no personal preference as to who you decide to purchase from.  I am not endorsing any particular product or vendor, I'm merely informing you where you can purchase ActivClient from.


Purchase ActivClient 6.2:

Works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP ONLY

(listed alphabetically)

Avid logo CDW-G logo Envoy Data logo SCB Solutions logo TXSystems logo
AViD CDW-G Envoy Data Corporation SCB Solutions TX Systems

ActivClient 6.2 update for people with AKO access



Purchase ActivClient 7.0.2:

Recommended only for Windows 8 & 8.1,  Windows 7 and Vista should use 6.2 above

  SCB Solutions logo  TXSystems logo
SCB Solutions TX Systems

ActivClient 7.0 updates for people with AKO access



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